Monday, 25 July 2011

School Holiday - Ready steady go...

The school holiday has officially begun. Friday was the last day as a 'Squirrel' for Ophelia... In about 6 weeks she will begin year 2 as a Fox :-) In the mean time we have a lot on the agenda! We started last Friday with a girls night out as it was the mummy's turn to have a bit of fun! We went to our usual place in Rochester, The George Vault's - The following day we were invited to a BBQ at the family Todd's residence, counting Dorota (Polish) John, Maja and Daniel - We had a lovely time, great authentic Polish food, and the most fantastic home made lemon spirit to wash it down with.

The rest of this week will be just as busy, visiting Moster (auntie) Mathilde in London tomorrow, on Wednesday we have a 'Late & Local' event in the High Street and on Sunday the kids and I will take the train up North to visit the In-laws for 4 days.

The pictures are of Ophelia's new bubble machine in action

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