Sunday, 30 October 2011

I love Dig

Felix is now 3 1/2 years old, and he's speech is getting better all the time, but when you have a child that is learning two languages (growing up bilingual) you end up having some rather funny sentences.

This morning Felix lay next to me in bed, he looks at me, touch my face and says 'I love dig' (dig/you) and later on he says 'Mor I'm killing you' (Mor/Mum - kille/tickles)
and in the car he will often say 'Mummy please crash bilerne' (bilerne/The cars)

One day my little big boy will manage to speak 2 separate languages just like his clever older sister.
until then I will just enjoy his own little wonderful language.

Greece 2010 - I love dig too Felix xxx

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Moscow State Circus

Since the kids spotted the big Circus tent up at Jacksons Field there was no way out, we had to go... So Friday just gone we got tickets to the 5pm performance - Alistair couldn't join us due to work, so we brought along Anne Sofie. We had a fun afternoon with popcorn, sweets and great entertainment from the Russians.

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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Copenhagen Blue, My little boutique

Almost 7 years ago I stepped into the world of Fashion and self employment. Opening my very own little fashion boutique in the middle of Rochester High Street. 

Over the last 7 years I have learnt a lot and have had a lot of up's and lately a few downs, but hey who count's the bad stuff? I have to remind you that we are in the middle of recession, and we are still trading - which is good, as long as I can keep my head above water, stay positive and being good at what I am good at, Everything will be fine.

Here is a few pictures from the new Autumn/Winter collection. We stock clothes & Accessories from Danish designers as: Dranella, Fransa, Henriette Steffensen, Vila, Hultquist & Numph, among small lables from UK.

 Winter Parker Coat £109.00

 Melissa Shoes £64.99 - Red Necklace £24.99

 Tunic £79.00

 Rabbit fur £199.00

  Grey Coat £109.00 - Blue Tunic £37.99 - Scarf (Snood) £34.99

 My Best Selling Jeans £79.00
'Bunny' Jumper £44.99

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