Monday, 27 August 2012

Auntie for the first time...

My little brother Anders and his lovely girlfriend Tanya had this little wonder July 6. 
His name is Noam Sander and as you can see he is absolutely adorable. 
I meet him for the first time last week and Im totally smitten.

In January my darling sister is also having a baby - lovely times!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Gone Fishing....

Earlier this week we went fishing in my uncle Kristian's boat. We had a great day bobbing along on the blue water under Storebœlts broen catching fish, in total we came home with 17 plaice!

Mormor had lunch ready when we came back and she cleaned the fish so we could have them for dinner the following day.

One day I might get a little boat like this and go fishing whenever I want..........

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dairy Free (Lacto Free) Banana Muffins

Since we found out that Felix is lactose intolerant we have had to change quite a bit of his diet and his choice of food! But I found out that a lot of our favourite baking recipes easily can be changed to his needs and without taking away the great flavours! A family favourite are the Banana Muffins.

I simply just change the butter to a good quality organic sunflower oil and voila the muffins comes out just as wonderful as always :-) 

Here is the latest version, dark chocolate and blueberries baked for our day trip to Egeskov Slot in Denmark!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ophelia's Birthday part 2

Here are the last pictures from Ophelia's birthday - We woke her up early so Alistair could join us before work with a birthday song and lot's of presents. The following Sunday Anne Sofie, Auntie Mathilde and Esteban came around for a BBQ and Birthday cake. 

She got some great presents and can now call herself a proper Skater Girl :-)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I have struggled to find the right collage program for my instagram pictures online, Thanks to Ulla I saw a very nice collage on her blog Lullaby & La La, She told me to use - I must say it's very easy and makes all your instagram shots look great on your blog :-) 

The text's on my instagram pictures are from a free app on my iphone called: phonto

The pictures above is a little insight to what we have been up to lately! 
Personally I have been completely drawn into the universe of 
Mr Grey (Fifty shades) I'm sure you have either read or heard of the books already?? If not I would highly recommend to read the saucy trilogy....  

We have also had the company of holiday child no.2 (My second cousin Anton from Denmark) for nearly 2 weeks! 
The kids are enjoying the summer holidays and I have been taking a few days of here and there to spend some time with them! 

On Friday the holiday really kicks in, we are of to Denmark for 2 weeks :-)

Until then, Laters baby....
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