Wednesday, 30 November 2011

72 small presents

Finally they are all wrapped in lovely paper from Ikea,  24 small presents to each of the kids (Including Anne Sofie) one for each day until Christmas. The kids are super exited to get December started, Ophelia has even made a count down chart. I know how she feels, exact the same as I did when I was little. That magical feeling only Christmas can bring, the dark mornings sitting in bed and opening a little present each morning, so special.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

1st Sunday in Advent

Though I live in UK I have a strong desire to keep alive Danish Christmas traditions, and one of them is to make a Advents Krans (Advent wreath) Usually we make ours of a wreath made of fir and each year we decorate it different. This years theme is very traditional red and white - As you can see on the pictures we light all the candles at once! I know this might not be the right thing to do, but personally I think it looks prettier this way.

Danish Christmas Market, London

Today we went to KFUK in Belsize Park, London to the annual Danish Christmas Market. We meet up with Mathilde & Esteban and enjoyed a proper Danish lunch together followed by œbleskiver
(Small doughnut shaped things! But so much better than doughnuts!!)

At the Christmas market you could buy everything you need for a Danish Christmas: sild, remulade, pebbernødder, Julebryg, hotdogs, lakrids, julepynt, rødkål, leverpostej, kalenderlys, nisser, klejner, marcipan etc. Pure heaven for all the Danes in London.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I once bought this little mirrored chest of drawers or make-up table if you like. One of many furnitures I pick up in charity shops or even in skips! Now it finally found its right 'home' after being painted in a lovely eggnog colour.

Ophelia's room........

Back to the 70's

We did it, and we are still married!! Though Alistair is still not very keen on the retro wallpaper, Its now up, and its groovy.....  (to our surprise, it only took us about an hour to do)

Most important, Ophelia LOVE's it and think she has the most amazing room ever.

Ophelia's room before: click here

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Shrinkles (Shrink Art)

Lately Ophelia and I rediscovered 'shrink art' - Its lots of fun, and you can make so many different things:

Pendants for necklaces
Cuff links for Daddy
Little drawings to glue on letters and pictures

What du you make out of shrink art?

Friday, 18 November 2011

Ophelia's Room

Ophelia's got this wonderful girlie room, but she has a wish about swapping the kitchen to a 'Make up' table. So this coming weekend Alistair and I are going to put up wallpaper on one wall and pack away the play kitchen. I already have an old make up table in the basement in the shop, it just need a bit of tlc.

It's going to be a surprise! So Ophelia & Felix are spending the weekend at my Sister & Estebans's place.
When they are away, we are going to do the makeover, wish us luck cause we have never done wallpaper before!

PS The wallpaper is amazing, 60/70's retro flowers.....  

PPS Alistair absolute hates it :-s


My old 'Dukke Molly'

Best Friends


Jewellery overload....

Cosy blankets

Pizza any one?

 Grandma's cross stitch

The Princess bed

Felix's dressing up!

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