Friday, 18 November 2011

Ophelia's Room

Ophelia's got this wonderful girlie room, but she has a wish about swapping the kitchen to a 'Make up' table. So this coming weekend Alistair and I are going to put up wallpaper on one wall and pack away the play kitchen. I already have an old make up table in the basement in the shop, it just need a bit of tlc.

It's going to be a surprise! So Ophelia & Felix are spending the weekend at my Sister & Estebans's place.
When they are away, we are going to do the makeover, wish us luck cause we have never done wallpaper before!

PS The wallpaper is amazing, 60/70's retro flowers.....  

PPS Alistair absolute hates it :-s


My old 'Dukke Molly'

Best Friends


Jewellery overload....

Cosy blankets

Pizza any one?

 Grandma's cross stitch

The Princess bed

Felix's dressing up!

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