Monday, 10 October 2011

time go past so quickly

Hello.... Time for a new 'post'. I have had some very busy weeks working in the shop so I haven't really had the time to blog.  The weeks seems to fly by, and here we are Monday again - What happened to the weekend? Since I work most Saturdays, the weekend to me are really short - but i do try to make the most of my Sundays with the family.  The Sunday just gone was one of the busy but nice ones, we started the day with a bit of house work, the kids were playing and Alistair was getting ready for a well deserved round of golf. Later on we went food shopping, trust me I don't really want to spend my Sunday in a supermarket with two kids on tow, but since I'm not a very organised person and don't do online shopping, we needed to go!

Then we had a nice healthy lunch

Later we all dressed up as pirates for Daniel's 4th Birthday party...  arrr

What a great Sunday x

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