Sunday, 13 November 2011

11.11.11 TV-2 Concert in London

I had a great weekend, I left work early Friday afternoon and drove up to my sister who lives in Crystal Palace, we got changed and took the train to Shepard's Bush. We had a lovely meal at Busaba - I had a long time favourite of mine - Ginger beef with Thai pepper, chilli and spring onion & Thai calamari with ginger and peppercorn washed down with a coconut water & raspberry drink, a must try if you ever visit :-) But the evening was only to become even better! Afterwards we went to Shepherd's Bush empire to see good old TV-2 from Aarhus performing their 30th Anniversary Concert. With guest stars such as Tina Dicow, Kira Skov, Camille Jones etc. 
What a night - what a fabulous night....

The picture is borrowed from here

PS if any of you guys fancy to see the concert it will be on Danish television new years eve.

1 Part of the concert
Kærligheden overvinder alt (with Tina D)
Randers Station (with Tina D)
Alt hvad hun ville var at (with Tina D)
Nobodys Man (Tina D)
Stjernen over bj.bro
Loosing You (Kira S)
For at få dig til at b (with Kira S)
Hele verden fra forstanden
Under den sidste hvide bro (with Andrea P)
Fald min engel

2 Part 

Intro: Bornholm, Bornholm
Nå Nå
Verden Perfekt (Camille J)
For dig
Go tur hjem
Den dag min elskede kommer hjem
Nærmest lykkelig
Fuck den kærlighed
Som i himlen
Skub til taget (Yepha)
Nutidens unge
Be bab a
Læg dig nu ned
x Første kærster
xx Bag duggede ruder

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