Wednesday, 2 November 2011

a nip and a punch....

 .....for the 1st in the month.... something my Husband always says!!

Only 2 months left of the year - I know its a cliche to say, but what happened to the last 10 of them?
This year has gone very quick! I guess we have packed in a lot and had a good time - and when you are having fun time flies.

Last week the kids had half term so we had time to do a lot of nice stuff. Monday morning we joined the play group 'Little Stars' for the annual wellie walk in Shorne Country Park. The weather was fabulously mild and sunny so no need really for the wellies. We brought along a picnic and enjoyed ourselves.

Tuesday I had to work, so Anne Sofie our lovely Au-pair took the kids to 'Kidzone' a wonderful indoor place to be if you're between 2-8 years old. Late afternoon I drove up to London to meet Alistair, we enjoyed a nice meal and afterwards we went to The Royal Albert Hall to see George Michael in concert. The tickets did say restricted view, but I didn't expect not to see anything at all, we where stuck almost behind the stage on the top tier, you couldn't see the stage unless standing up, and then all you could see was a small corner.... So what do you do?  Well we spotted a few empty seats at the lower tier, so at the break we went for it,  and ended up having one of the best views in the house.  The concerts was fantastic and George is super talented and his voice phenomenal.

Wednesday we went to Denmark

Thursday I left the kids at my parents and went to Copenhagen to spent the evening with a lovely friend who I haven't seen for a long time. We had a great night with great food and wine followed by cocktails and a late night kebab.... Thank you Mette

The following morning I went to pick up Alistair and my sister Mathilde at the Airport. Alistair and I then had a rare date in the heart of Copenhagen - strolling around and having lunch at Cafe Zeze. Alistair and my Sister then drove back to Korsør and I headed for another part of town, which is very close to my heart, østerbro - I use to live here 10 years ago, before I moved to the UK. I had a very nostalgic walk in my old 'hood' before meeting up with a bunch of old girlfriends. Once a year we meet to eat, drink and laugh. I've known some of the girls since I was 3 years old, amazing :-)

Saturday I was back home at my parents after a very scary drive home in thick fog.  Thank you Mia for getting me home safe. At noon all the family went to my Grandparents Diamond Wedding party at a local restaurant Madam Bagger. 40 family members gathered to celebrate the long and wonderful marriage of two beautiful people, my beloved Grandparents.
We truly had a fabulous day, Thank you all.

Sunday - Back to UK- to attend the Halloween Party of the year....

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