Friday, 6 January 2012

Lazy Friday morning

Alistair had a dentist appointment this morning, so instead of being out the door before 6.00am he was home to do Ophelia's school run. That meant that Felix and I didn't have to get ready early, we just waved goodbye and had a lazy morning. We had a 'Quidditch' game, yes a 'Quidditch' game just like they do in Harry Potter. Felix has made up the rules, we have to pretend fly on pretend broomsticks and throw a soft ball up in the air, he seems to get a goal where ever the ball goes!! Great game :-) We followed this with a 'memory' game; again he makes up his own rules and I tell you he's a terribly bad looser, the pictures speak for themselves. He finished the morning watching a Barbie film (I was hoovering and cleaning bathrooms upstairs) Around lunch time we went to the shop so I could work a bit. Finally we had a busy day in the shop! this week has been ever so dead, the bad storms haven't helped, but today the sun was shining :-)

Have a lovely weekend x

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