Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Home sweet home

Well not home where I live, but my child hood home in Denmark. We are here for the week, just me and the kids. As usual we are staying at my parents house in Korsør. We arrived early Sunday morning and are not going back until next Sunday. So far we been eating a lot of rye bread (smørrebrød) had a lot of sweets, which are sooo much better than the sweets we can get back in UK and I have even  had time to do some sewing (watch this space). The kids have enjoyed the fresh cold air, cuddles and kisses frome their Grandparents, playing indoor and out with their Danish friends (The neighbours kids & my friends kids ) They are defentley having fun! I also had time to catch up with some good old friends. Tomorrow my sister arrives and the two of us are going to Copenhagen on Friday (with no kids) to meet up with more good friends, I can't wait.

The pictures below are taken from the beach just 10 min walk from my parents house

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