Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday morning - It's holiday for some....

What a glorious morning, the sun is up early and is warming us through the windows. It's all ready really warm outside. The kids are having a picnic with Anne Sofie (The Au-pair) in one of the local parks, Jackson Hill. and I'm working in the shop :-)

I just taken some sausage rolls out of the oven and put in the Chocolate Banana muffins.
Felix helped me bake both things, he got so exited when he cracked the eggs in the bowl and none of it came out on the table, that he did a little dance shouting IM A BIIIIG BOY NOW!! So cute...

Ophelia is doing creative stuff at the dining table, I just had a peak and there are glitter EVERYWHERE. But we don't have time to hoover now, so that will have to wait until tonight.

Before we go I have to cut Felix hair, poor thing he can barley look out his eyes!

Breakfast snack 

Latest picture of our little Norman

The beautiful Magnolia in Bloom

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