Friday, 2 March 2012

Picnic in Greenwich Park

Last Sunday we went up to Greenwich Park with The Family Tood. Dorota and I had to do some more research about having a stall at the Greenwich Market. The husbands took the kids for an hour or so and Dorota and I  managed to get the information we needed. Then we all headed to the park, enjoyed a lovely picnic in the sunshine and the kids had heaps of fun on the playground.

We still managed to get home in time to tidy/clean the house, bake some rye bread (with the sour dough I got of my Mother when I was in Denmark). Later Ophelia and I made a name plaque of Hama beads to Sidsel (our Au-pair from last year) who went back to Denmark on Monday after staying in UK for 18 months.

(Excuse me for the bad melting of the beads)

'Mogens Rugbrød' recipe to be found here

My latest purchase for the home, beautiful Sanderson plates

The bread, baked and ready to eat the following day

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