Thursday, 27 September 2012


My late Grandmother, my Father's mother was born and raised on the small island of Sejerø*. She left the island as a young woman, met my Grandfather, married and went on to have six children of which my Father is the youngest! They lived most of their lives together in Korsor but retained their affiliation with Sejerø by buying a 'summerhouse' on the island. When they passed away the summerhouse was left to my auntie Kitty but is made available for the whole family to use whenever they wish. I spent most childhood summer holidays on this wonderful small island, so when I returned this summer it was like being taken back in time. Certain things have changed but the island still has the same smell and feel to it as I remember from over 30 years ago, fresh air and beautiful nature. The summer house is located right on the harbour, it's like living on the sea, the light is amazing and changes throughout the day.  The house used to be an old wooden fisherman's hut, thankfully it's now modernised though I remember when I was a child the shower was a bucket of water outside! Some of the furnitures in the house still remains the same as from when my father was a child... Full of memories of so many generations. 

My memories are of long hot summer days spent by the harbour catching crabs, building rafts, swimming in the sea, long walks along the beach collecting stones, laying at the top of the hill behind the summer house looking down at the harbour watching the small fishing boats and the busy life of the marina. Sleeping in bunk beds, playing cards, reading comic books and spending time with my family. History repeats itself so wonderfully....

The view from the house

The duck pond in village, just as I remember

One of Denmark's oldest churches 

Possible one of the most beautiful views from a grave yard

The resting place of my great grand parents 

My family 

Findings from the beach

Time to be creative

And time to rest 


The light house 

The view from  the top of the hill

My fathers auntie Lily, 93 and young at heart

Being patient 

Evening light

Catch of the day 

My grandfather named the house Cuba after sailing voyages from around the globe

*Sejerø is a Danish island in the Kattegat close to Zealand.
The island covers an area of 12,36 km² and has 400 inhabitants. The largest village on Sejerø is Sejerby, with half of the island's population.

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