Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A trip to Penthurst and a very unlucky boy

A couple of weeks ago my mother and her friend Charlotte came to visit. We planned to go and see Penthurst Place & Gardens whilst the children were in school. However Felix got 3 fingers trapped in the car door on the school run in the morning and was quite upset so I decided to keep him off school for the day so he joined us on the trip.  The fingers in car door was the end of a run of accidents for my little man.  The day before I was called in to school because he had put a 'googely' eye up his nose which resulted in quite a lot of blood. Later that afternoon he also had a trampoline injury whilst attempting some Olympic standard dismount.

We had a wonderful day at the beautiful surroundings of the castle grounds and gardens whilst still having time for a nice lunch and being back in Rochester to pick up Ophelia from school at 3.30pm

We finished the evening with this amazing Coq au Riesling from 'Nigella Express'. Super easy, delicious and utterly satisfying supper. 

The ladies left us the next morning to continue their English mini-break at my sisters place in London. 

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  1. Sikke fine billeder - det ser hyggeligt ud! (:

    - Kit


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