Monday, 26 November 2012


The Armstrongs LOVE Halloween (Well with the exception of Mr A)
However we will always make a big deal out of the scariest night of the year.

As usual some friends of ours have a BIG halloween party we go to every year, we all donate either sweets or cake and I made a massive spooky graveyard cake. 
This year both Ophelia and Felix chose to dress up as Dracula! 
And I went for the corpse bride look.

A few days after the English Halloween party the kids and I  jetted home to Denmark for a week holiday. And since we were there on the night of the 31 October we had to have a Halloween party for all our danish friends and their children. We brought home a suitcase full of spooky stuff to decorate the house and it was a great success with lots of scary cakes, 'blood' jelly in tubes a ton of sweets, 
spider wed and bloody knifes hanging down from the ceiling.
 The kids even went 'Trick or Treat' down my parent small road, 
do I have to mention that the kids loved it.....

Thanks to all the scary kids and their parents that came to the party:

Julia the Witch
Clara the scary Scarecrow
Viola the Witch
Arthur as Ben Ten
Selma the spider
Valdemar as Valdemar
Christian the scary clown
Marlene the scary doctor
Mia the skeleton
Lasse and Johan as not so scary witches...
Lene & Paul

Mormor the Witch & Bestefar as the very scary pumpkin

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