Friday, 15 February 2013

Love is all around

Valentine's day is not something we normally celebrate, until when a few years ago Ophelia began to write us cards and give us little love notes on the day. We then decided to have a Valentine celebration each year as a family! Last year the kids and I were in Denmark on the 14th but we left a basket behind full of chocolates, heart-shaped love notes and beers to 'Daddy' - But this year we were all home and had time to prepare lots of valentine surprises for Alistair when he got back from work.
We baked pink meringue love cookies, chocolate brownies with raspberries and blew up red heart shaped balloons. 
We had a lovely evening together as a family around the dinner table and like a teenage disco, we ended the evening by dancing around in each others arms. It really was our own little Valentine's ball.

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