Friday, 18 May 2012

Birthday preparations...

It's Felix Birthday on Saturday, my little boy is going to be 4!

On Sunday we are having a big Circus Party for all of his friends from nursery. The last couple of months I have been planning this party (mostly mentally though) so I will be really busy the next couple of days finishing up all the ideas I have. I've got the dressing up gear for Felix, Alistair and I.
I just need to finish Ophelia's outfit! I have posted the invites, bought some decoration stuff from etsy and ebay, been downloading Circus music from itunes, I even made my husband steel Circus posters when we were in Denmark over Easter. But my inspiration to most of the stuff comes from pintrest and this lady, she held an amazing Circus party for her son a while ago!

Watch this space for more Circus Party pictures

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