Saturday, 19 May 2012

Felix 4 years old

Felix is 4 today Hurray!

Our big boy woke us all up very early and was asking for his presents :-) After singing Happy Birthday we all got up and rushed downstairs to a pile of presents! Last night Ophelia decorated the living room with buntings and flags with the help from her Daddy (Whilst I was out having Pizza & wine with the guys from badminton). After opening all the presents we enjoyed a delicious breakfast with lots of fresh fruit and Felix favourite 'pain au chocolat!' Around 11am Alistair took the kids to Branch Hatch to see a race. I started baking the Birthday cake for the big party tomorrow! I went to work around 1pm. At 5pm I  was picked up by my two men - (Ophelia had to go to a Disco Birthday Party) So the 3 of us went to a local Italian restaurant and had a nice meal. We had a lovely day.

Birthday Boy

Very spoiled :-)

Felix's first football strip from Grandma & Granddad

Birthday card from Ophelia

Birthday present from Ophelia :-)

Finally he got a bin truck

Felix love Playmobile, Pirate Ship from Mormor & Bedstefar

New trainers - From 'Olderne' (Great grannies)

'Brunsviger' cake fresh from Denmark, delivered by Anne Sofie's Mother this morning

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous boy

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