Monday, 21 May 2012

The Circus Party

Come one, come all, step right up and join the Circus fun

Yesterday we had a Circus Party for Felix!
We booked his nursery for the day and decorated the room with colourful buntings og Circus posters (brought back from Denmark, stolen from a lamppost over Easter, I blame the schnapps ...)

We set the table with red and white striped fabric from Ikea as a tablecloth, I bought the shiny blue plates in Poundland and all the small decorations I got right here. I made all the food and cakes my self. 48 small sausages rolls/hotdogs, 24 cupcakes and a big Circus birthday cake, all this was served with fresh fruit and popcorn. The best thing was that I made Alistair dress up (which he hates) never the less he did as he was told! After all I was the ring master (The boss) and Felix and Ophelia were clowns too! Many of the little guests were also dressed up, they all looked like they enjoyed it! 

We had a few party games and I even downloaded circus music to play in the background, see the link below. Overall it was a very successful day with happy children, yummy cake and lots of great presents  for Felix.  
A big thank you everyone who came along to Celebrate Felix's 4th Birthday x

Bluebell & Felix



Ophelia & Mathilde

Ophelia & Maja

The Armstrong Clowns



Daisy & Alexander

Daniel the Tiger

Circus Armstrong 

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  1. For et kjempekoselig og søtt selskap!!! Muffinsene er kjempefine!


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