Monday, 11 June 2012

Euro 2012

I must admit that I love football when it's time for the Euro or World Cup! Perhaps its cause Im living abroad and can't help being a bit more patriotic or that I played football for 10 years of my childhood??
Anyway, The Euro 2012 is over us and trust me I'm ready! I stocked up on red and white hats and T-shirts when I was in Denmark last week.

We had a fantastic start on Saturday, who would have thought that we would beat Holland!!?
Anne Sofie and I wen't straight to the pub after work to see the game! We had so much fun, being the only Danes in the pub... We continued the evening out in town and didn't hit the sack until 2am!!

I must just tell you, that I was home alone all weekend. Alistair and the kids went up North to see the grandparents on Thursday! I had to work all weekend in the shop due to the annual Summer Dickens Festival!

Now I'm looking forward to the next game on Wednesday and on Sunday Anne Sofie and I are going up to London to watch the game against Germany in a pub with hundreds of other Danes, I did say you become patriotic when living abroad :-)

The picture is from an app from Facebook


  1. Hvor er det et vildt billede, du ser godt ud:)Og hvor er I gode, I får da noget ud af de kampe så!


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