Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What we did in May....

  one of the rare sunny days
 Summer essential 
 Dinner time
Summer knees
Hot day!
Porridge with Cinnamon sugar
View from my office
 Window shopping
 Anne Sofie's B'day 
 Ophelia's pop up shop
 My Birthday BBQ
 Breakfast at the patio
 My Birthday Cake
 New Trainers
 Another BBQ
 My Angels
 Retro Frosties
 Jubilee celebration at the School
 Off to Denmark
 High up
 Great friends wedding
 New shoes
 Birthday Present from a good friend
 More lovely presents...
 Felix first Boro Strip from Granddad
 Letter to the tooth fairy
 Clearing out wardrobe
 British Strawberries
 Snack time
 Curry night at Lisa's house
Saturday lunch in the shop!

1 comment:

  1. Åh maj ser god ud! Juni kommer vidst mere til at ligne noget fra oktober?? Dejlige billeder:)


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