Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Our visit to Denmark in June

We had a nice long weekend in Denmark in beginning of June. On the Saturday we went to a fantastic wedding whilst my parents looked after the kids! They had a great time in Tivoli and was spoilt rotten by Mormor and Bedstefar :-)

Sunday and Monday was used to mend our hangover and potter around my parents house and lovely garden! My father makes all the cast ion items you can see in on the pictures, he is very talented!  
its truly a wonderful garden.

The beach is only a short walk from the house and we usually go for walks. This time the kids took their bikes! (looking at the pictures Felix is in desperate need of a bigger one!!)
We went out to the spot where you can touch the big bridge that leads to Fyn. Its quite an amazing sight! I have lot's of childhood memories from this area, long before the bridge was build.


  1. Det ser dejligt ud-Men for pokker nu må Hr. sol gerne kigge lidt frem, så man kan smide de store sweatshirts? Jeg håber I har lidt bedre vejr, ovre hos jer nu?

  2. hahahaha, det var da en fin lille cykel felix har fået lov at køre på :D


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