Thursday, 5 July 2012

Colour explotion at Hever Castle

My Mother came to see us last week. We had some great days together though Ophelia suffered from a lung infection! We went to Hever Castle and Gardens on Sunday, and what an fantastic place! I can't believe we never been before. There is so much to do for the whole family you could easy spend the whole day there. We brought along a picnic, which was a great success when you have a 4 year old tornado that struggles to sit down for more than 5 min. 

The Castle dates back to 1270. In the early 1500's The Bullen Family bought the Castle. And it became the childhood home of it's most famous inhabitants Anne Boleyn, read more here.

The Castle is surrounded by the most amazing gardens.

The rose garden was truly amazing, specially because all the roses were in bloom and the smell was so fantastically wonderful and intense.

There is also a most amazing Italian and Tudor garden, and a big lake where you can hire rowing boats.

For the kids as well as adults there are a maze, a water maze and a great playground.

We will defiantly visit Hever again.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

The picture above is borrowed from here

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