Sunday, 29 July 2012

Instagram moments from July


View from the Kitchen in the shop & pineapples in the sun 

 Favourite book shop in London & two Danish girls

Getting ready for the Olympic & lunch at SK

 Dinner at Busaba in Soho & a two headed cat!

Organic chocolate at Liberty & two happy girls :-)

 Snack time & home made hot and sour chicken noodle soup!

 Rochester Cathedral & Felix winning at his sports day at nursery

Double rainbow & Rochester Castle on a sunny day

Pancake night 

Homemade Pom pomps & The Dockside in Chatham

 Getting ready for the rainbow party & THE cake

 Birthday Girl & Medway River

 Op just had a swim & her 'goodbye' present to her teacher

 Skater Girl & My little Shop

Grey skies over Rochester & The lovely High Street

 Summer as it supposed to be, nice and hot!

Yellow leaf in July? & Another celebration for Ophelia

 Love on a plate & a very good book

Fun at the beach

 Ice lolly on a hot day & Felix has a spin

 Clovers & Ophelia high up


  1. Så skønne billeder, det ser ud til at have været en god juli? Og endnu et stort tillykke med din smukke pige:)

    1. Tak Vibeke, vi har haft en skøn sommer indtil nu :-) Vi har heldigvis stadigvaek lidt ferie tilgode saa vi tager til Danmark paa Fredag i 14 dage, det bliver saa dejligt! Boernene starter foerst skole i starten af September saa vi nyder vores 'lazy morning's' !! Skonne skonne billeder fra Fejo, det er saa Dansk som det kan blive, dejligt!

      Kh Kathrine


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